When words leave off, music begins.


Accu Paragraph are Andres Boner from Maienfeld (vocals and short-scale-bass), Peter Koch from Chur (small drums) and Cornelius Raeber from Landquart (vocals and electro-acoustic-guitar).

We are a singer-songwriter band and play own compositions between relaxing-rock, latin-blues, swinging-folk and soft-funk. We sing in Spanish, English and Swiss-German.

Before January 2017, Andres and Cornelius had been performing together under their solo artist names Ben Boo How and Dmos Bondelicos, and Peter had played with bands as Sunrise, Spoon and Havanna. Sharing similar taste in music and also personally matching very well it took us only three weeks to have our first gig in the Australian Pub in Landquart.

A more difficult task for us was to find a band name. During the first year we performed as BooHow, Dmos & Ko. Now we are Accu Paragraph – but how did we come to this name?

Actually it developed from the two final words Inclusion Rider of Frances McDormand’s speech at the 90th annual Academy Awards. We really liked the idea of inclusion but wanted to adapt it to music as we love to include quite a range of styles. From there it first went to Acoustic Paragraph and then finally to Accu Paragraph – using our artist freedom to bend the name.